Mobile Planetarium

for Java-Enabled Mobile Phone
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Version 0.09

01 02 03 04
Backlight and Load Objects Preference settings Search Screen Search Result of "neb" The first result: Deneb, It's not visible, so there is no Goto.
05 06 07 08
Planet Info. A Goto is there. Goto takes you to the view which has Venus at center. Time Mode Indication Notes on top of main screen. Improved Messier Objects viewing screen.


Version 0.08

01 02 03 04
Normal Theme Red Theme for dark night Corrected planet info Improved Preference Form
05 06 07 08
Improved Preference Form Improved Preference Form Improved Location/Time Screen Improved Location/Time Screen


Version 0.07
01 02 03 04
Sky After Startup Grid Display with more Info Orion Zoomed In New "Update" Function
05 06 07 08
On-Screen Info Box
in the lower part
South Cross at
center of Australia
Summer Milky Way Planets and

Version 0.06
01 02 03 04
Loading Screen Calculating Solar
System Objects
Detailed View of
180 degree view
of whole sky
05 06 07 08
Location Settings Some Predefined
Messier Objects
Messier Info Box